Friday, February 17, 2012

Gardening - already??

Here it is mid-Febrary and our garden operations are getting into full swing!

At last count, if (big IF) everything comes up that we plan on we should have over FIFTY different types of things planted... something like 6 different tomato types (a cherry or two and mostly sauce varieties), squash, going crazy on green beans, peppers (both salad and hot)...

We spent the better part of a weekend putting together some new cold frames and planter boxes, and the girls seemed to approve... why they are sooooo fascinated with the grass inside - it was the same darn grass they had been walking on just a minute prior...

[girls with new planter]

Since it's so rare that we buy eggs from the store anymore, when I made some fried eggs last time I thought I'd do one of each... still don't think there's a difference?

[eggs side by side]

We've (okay, me) toyed with the idea of getting some more chickens, this time broilers that we could raise in 7-8 weeks and have in the freezer (or on the grill!!) shortly thereafter... well my bro Quentin, who was going to be my teacher for butchering, decides to up and leave for Colorado... but at least I got an A-Frame chicken tractor out of him so if we go that route (or need to quarantine a hen) we have that option...

[a frame from Q]

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Not just Love....

.... but Chicken Love!!

Looksy what t'wife got me for Valentine's Day!! AND it has pics of our own girls on there!! What a gal!